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Submitted on
January 8, 2013
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  • Update! II

» DEADLINE IS IN 3 DAYS. Contest is supposed to end March 1st!

You may request an extension if you need one. And don't forget to design other designs than Ice/Air/Earth :squee:

Guys, all these designs are so cool and amazing! Y'all did wonderful :excited: Judging them will be hard asdfghjklffffFFF
Thanks to those who entered!

Wow, got a whole lot more Earth/Ice/Air than expected! And that's awesome! Anyone who's in the contest (and is still submitting), please shave down the number of the Ice/Earth/Air abilities :nod: But don't change the ones already submitted! There should be more of the other elements submitted as this continues: Fire, Dark, Water, Electric, and Light.

Thank you! :thumbsup:   
- Deadline is in UNDER A MONTH!

  • About

This is a contest regarding designing a dog for my story Canine Thunder. I have submitted a picture of my current characters (with powers) and their updated designs. CT Brigades is the image~
Notice that there isn't a lot of "pop" [accessories] to them. Reason 1: they have too many to list or Reason 2: they just don't have any accessories :XD:. Reason 3 would be I forgot ;n;
Jett, the ice dog, on the other hand has too many to list i.e. designer shades, an assortment of collars, leg warmers, scarves, etc. This is important because she is from a wealthy background in the inner city (the "ivory tower" part, though Cx), and her design is based off of that. Jayo's supposed to have a set of large stylish headphones, i.e. the Beats ones. Why they're not on the sheet? Refer to Reason #3 >w>;. Same with Aerony's bandages. 
The point is to make them more than just dogs. I'm putting in slots for Jett's friends, one of which has long wavy brunette hair and loves sunglasses, and always has some form of a handbag (or pawbag) on her. She's in-style. Sarik, Jayo, and Bethany all love hats. Siatha has a headset because of where she works. I really don't care much for "anime hair", just do not go on overdrive with it xD. 

This is what I'm looking for. 

  • Rules

~> Ultimately, be creative, original, fun, be yourself, etc etc when doing these. Do what came to your head first. Do what you would want to have for your own OC. Do an uncommon dog breed, or a mix breed. Do a popular dog breed for all I care. Just have fun and work hard. 

» No wolf-resembling or demi-wolf dog breeds. Already have enough of those! |D
    => Ex: German Shepherd, Husky, Wolfdogs, etc.
    => If you have any questions about breed, or at all, just :note: me!
» NO scenedogs! Absolutely no scenedogs/gloomdogs!
» Don't go overboard on the sparkle for the sparkle dogs... a good chance of winning means a natural/desaturated base color.
» Try not to repeat the breeds of my own OC's, but if you have a good design idea then go for it!
    => My OC's Breeds: Dingo, Husky, Border Collie, Czecoslovakian Wolfdog, Wolf, St Bernard mix, Saluki, German Shepherd, Papillon, Mini Poodle (standard poodles are okay), Bichon, Chihuahua, Irish Wolfhound, and Rottweiler
        »» Also, please limit the small dogs! 
» Notice how the designs are themed around the element power.
» Don't think there's a set color for the element you're designing-- you can do a blue fire dog or an orange dark dog or a green water dog.
» Be creative! Do something funky or cool or beautiful, or something XD 
» You can submit multiple designs
» It's much easier to design a dog with a general personality, rather than just throwing one out there.
» I'd prefer you use your own lines. If your own lines aren't up to snuff, then you may use other's lines. If you do, be very clean and neat!!
» The more detail you have, most likely the better. 
» I suggest you to NOT reference off my designs. I lead you to them for you to get the feel of color use.
   => I do not want to see any chevrons used (what is a chevron:….           I do not want a look-alike to any of my OC's. 
» More rules may be added later once this gets going. 

  • Designs Needed:

Wealthy city dog (no powers)

Dog info base text: 
**Example under Titan's reference sheet:…

[ Personality info ] 

Age: --- in Dog years.
Ability: [ have one or none ]
Height: --- (at the shoulders)
Team: [ Canines/Rebellion, government, none ]
Friends: [optional]
Mate(if any): 
Family: [optional]
Basics: [ Speed, Strength, Defense, Offense, Special ]
Energy: (---/1000) [ PLEASE nothing over 840!!! ]

**Remember every dog has limited energy that they use. Each dogs' energy is special only to them.

If you want to see more designs from me, go browse through Dajhira-Jo


  • Deadline

March 1st as of right now. I could extend this over spring break.  


  • Q & A

» "So our job is to design a dog to be a cameo in your comic. So if I understand it right, it's my character who you are allowed to you use as much as you want in the comic, right?" 
=> Right now, yes. I don't want to own anyone's character designs just yet, so that may be added.

» "The amount of silhouettes below each element. Is that how many dogs you are looking for? 3 for earth, 2 for air and so on?"
=> Pretty much. The tough thing is, I could always use more. I'm just starting with the base slots.

» "About the personality info, the friends/mate/family part, is it referance to your characters or just some we come up with?"
=>  I was aiming more for that to be in reference to the designer's OCs, but knowing mine is fine. They could not know anybody if you wanted XD 

» "I'm not sure I know what the difference of scenedogs and sparkle dogs is? (I don't even know what a gloomdog is XD)"
=> Just search one! ;P

» "And can you explain me a little about the energy we are supposed to give them? Is it how strong they are to use their elements?"
=>It's whatever you want, and yes, it does factor in to how strong they are. 

» "Are we allowed to submit our own characters as well as design new ones specifically for your contest? Or would you prefer they be our character too?"
=> If you submit your OC (and would like to keep it), then yes, you can use it for the contest. I will not be all "IT WILL ME MINE. MIIINNNEEEE." I realize it would suck to just give away OC's.
Point: Like other designs, it may win a cameo, and the other prizes :3 You will just be able to keep it! :nod:

  • Prizes

Top finishers (the chosen designs) will get a cameo(duh), a sketch, and a transparancy or two.


Have Fun! 


Design away! Wanna join?

[ ~ Submit your designs here ~ ]

||[link]||:iconpugsnotdrugss: in Fire
||[link]||:iconfenrirhound: in Air - ||[link]|| in Air and None
||[link]||:iconsummonwolf: in Ice - ||[link]|| in None
||[link]||:iconmoaned: in Air
||[link]||:iconloiiypop-chan: in Ice
||[link]||:icongrasped: in Air - ||[link]|| in Earth - ||[link]|| in Fire - ||[link]|| in Dark
||[link]||:icondaynasorcutemoxy1: in Air - ||[link]|| in Earth
||[link]||:iconschiffer-taichou: in Earth - ||[link]|| in Air - ||[link]|| in Earth ||[link]|| in Air - ||[link]|| in Light
||[link]||:icondragonmaster185: in Electric
||[link]||:iconshadowfoxnjp: in Ice
||[link]||:iconalxias: in Earth
||[link]|| :iconnightwolf1423: in Air
||[link]||:iconwolfstream: in Water
||[link]||:icondancingorbi: in Water

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SparrowIllustrations Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My LAST entry! Thanks for the extension, seems I finished it :) I switched to actually a Light element. If he does win, I will draw the adult version for you if you wish, because he is still just a baby!

Noxivaga Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist

just YESness!!!
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