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T8Z: Kevin Raye App by Noxivaga T8Z: Kevin Raye App by Noxivaga
Yes, Kevin's legs are digigrade (um spelling?)... it's the pants I swear XD


Name: Kevin
- Nickname: Kev, Kevs

Age: 19

Birthdate: AUG .18. 2003

Gender: Female

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 155 lbs

Standout features:
- Is a twin to Devon.
- Markings are opposite eachother
- No scars, yet
- Kevin is darker shades of color than Devon

The 8th Zone

Dwelling: Hotel

Level: 2

Weapons Wielded:
Pipe Bender :: Blunt :: 1Power
Knife :: 1Power

Practical Talents/Community Builders

» I will be including both the twins from this point in out XD

The twins are grand at taking and running. They are almost like treasure hunters, and excel at the game of search-and-find. They bring back valuable things, as well as valuable information. If they are needed for a recon assignment, they're all in.

(Not to be mistaken as one character)
So, there's two of them, righto? Attack is a specialty. Teamwork is the name, winning is the game.

If it has a motor and some steering mechanism, they'll be all over it. Hauling supplies by hand? I don't think so-- efficiency is key. The more income per trip, the more that can be dispersed. Vehicles are key.

If this is all about staying alive, then may as well bring life into the party. They're entertaining to just watch, and very contagious.

Head Map
They're very good at mental location of the geography around them. Shortcuts can't hide from these two.

They have an uncanny talent for being a support role, and scouting actually falls under that. As mentioned before, they do notice things and report them. Any changes in the environment and surrounding will not go unnoticed.


Kevin: Spunky, loud, fiery, passionate, competitive, task-oriented, optimistic, aggressive, hates failing, artsy, clever, instinctive, adaptive, resourceful, funny, tactile, incredibly loyal, goes down swinging, ...

Kevin: loud, can tell hurtful things by accident, does without thinking, irritable, vent-y, shows her emotions, may have trouble paying attention sometimes, will get into a sad phase if without Devon for too long, sometimes charges into situation she shouldn't (i.e. too many zombies in one spot), ...

Unified Traits/Co-op Traits
- Act independently, Though work as a Team
- Think aloud to combine thoughts into one straightforward, singular, decisive thought
- Are each others' consciences
- Together they are fearless

Hobbies and Activities
- Former athletes
- Kevin loves arts and crafts
- Doing stuff for kicks.

- They almost need to be active, or they'll get bored and fidget
- love colorful shiny things.
- Tend to make tasks and other things that don't need to be competitions... into competitions.


Kevin and Devon Raye are twin sisters.

Mom: Cassandra Raye :: Deceased

Dad: Skylar Raye :: Alive/Unknown
- Dad is alive, and no one really knows that.



Kevin: Oh, uh... So, ya live here? Well, my name's Kevin Raye, --
Devon: I'm Devon.
Kevin: --and we kinda just got here. Wanna know how?
Devon: Well:

Devon: Remember way back to somewhere around the year 2012? When this all started?
Kevin (blandly):  When everything was going normally?
Devon: It was like the World Trade Center. I remember the time Dad, Kev and I were sitting in the kitchen when the initial newscast came on. At first I couldn't believe a word they said.
Kevin: It was seriously almost like make-believe, dude. Hollywood. I mean, really? "Infection spreading! Watch out, stay hidden, and stay safe!" Safe? Pah, as if!!
Devon: It explained how there's a virus going around, making cats insane-- and cannibalistic! Talk about incredible!
Kevin: Of course dad blew  it off at first, like just about every other citizen at the time that was a few states away from the first sightings.
Devon: Though we'd hear at school of people who knew someone that lost a loved one to this virus.
Kevin: Or even got killed by the now-called Infected.
Devon: Then it came closer. It came close really, really fast. Before we-- or dad -- knew it, it was in our city. The news didn't show anything else. Honestly, it was scary.
Kevin: And then there was a sighting a few neighborhoods away. I mean, that's close enough for me!
Devon: Dad went all Doomsday-Preppers-mode on us, and bought food from the store to stock up, and then hide.
Kevin: He let me get a pipe bender from the hardware depot, heehee.
Devon: I ended up making a weapon from a shovel. Anywho, Dad then came up with the idea of leaving.
Kevin: Finally.
Devon: Some of the food we bought we rationed off to the neighbors... If we could only take that much.
Kevin: They were like, Hey! Are ya packing a truck with some food?
Devon: Ha! Exactly!
Kevin: We kinda were.
Devon: It took us a couple days to come down to the nitty-gritty Needs and Wants. Most things, I realized, were Wants.
Kevin: I thought I had mostly Needs.
Devon (sarcastically): Right, Kev.
Kevin: On the second, and apparently last, day of packing, the electricity went out.
Devon: We were saved by batteries.
Kevin: And it was still daylight. But, I noticed Devon's attention was going beyond our yard and driveway in our spaced out, vegetation-filled neighborhood, and into the neighbor's lawns.
Devon: We hadn't seen a few of them for a couple of days. We assumed they left as well. Some of them left as soon as the Infected crossed the darn border.
Kevin: I mean, there were, what I thought most of the time, our neighbors inside their houses. Apparently, on this day, one house wasn't exactly inhabited by our neighbors anymore.
Devon: Their movements were weird and unnatural. That was the first thing I noticed when I looked past the windows.
Kevin: I was the in the truck turning it around to make loading the last few things a bit easier for Dad, who was inside getting them. I shut off the engine of the pickup to not waste gas, when Devon said--
Devon: "Kevs, Do you see that row of bushes over there?"
And she said, "Yeah?" I said, "Put on the brights real quick."
Kevin: --aaaaaand I did. Lo and behold, there were four sets of blue reflective eyes in those bushes- watching us. And then the bush hissed.
Devon: Kevin, they hissed, not the bush.
Kevin: In this situation, it's the same thing. The bush had eyes.
Devon: Whatever, Kev.
Kevin: I freaked out, of course. I started yelling for Dad and slamming on the horn.
Devon: And thanks to Genius over here, they got aggravated and charged us. Dad ran out with his shotgun and downed three of them.
Kevin: I hit the fourth with the truck. (yes, if you're wondering, I did turn it on!!)
Devon: That was the final straw. The scene created enough ruckus for the last three to come barreling out of the house and at us.
Kevin: I played bumper cars, truck vs. zombie.
Devon: I put my unused shovel weapon to work for the first time.
Kevin: And Dad had the gun.
Devon: After that, there was no time between dropping the last zombie and us in the pickup. We were gone.
Kevin: This trio was Over And Out for good.
Devon: And this isn't over yet.
Kevin: What a scary word... "yet"... Dontcha think?
Devon: Agreed. We were headed to a safe fallout in Oregon, according to Dad. We only lived a couple states away.
Kevin: And on the way there, we drove through a small town. Talk about textbook ghost town.
Devon: And for a reason. While coasting through, there were a crapton of Infected harboring there. In short, something happened where Dad had to get out. We didn't know they were there...yet.
Kevin: Then that crapton of Infected all jumped us. I was at wit's end.
Devon: I was trying to get Dad in the car. While we were fighting off the Infected, another family with their van came rolling through, and ramming some of the horde away from our pickup. I think another car came sooner or later. It was absolute hell.
Kevin: Well, it's tough to remember the scene after that. Dad ordered-- or threatened -- us to leave him and escape in the truck.
Devon: I didn't think twice. I got in the driver's seat and floored it.
Kevin: ... I didn't want to leave Dad.
Devon: That, and, well, through the printed instructions and road signs we made most of our way here.
Kevin: Then we ran out of gas four miles away.
Devon: Worst four miles of my life.
Kevin: We carried anything and everything we possibly could.
Devon: This was no rec. fun hike. This was the start of the rest of our lives as evaders of the Infected.
Kevin: And now we're here.
Devon: Yep. We found you other survivors. More people. Smart, knowledgable, surviving, civilized people.
Kevin: and we couldn't be more elated, and pumped.

Devon: We're ready to fight against this thing. The Raye twins, at your service.
Kevin: You frickin betcha.

Kevin: Hey, didn't some peeps call this place Anonymity, anyway?


They were the kids who'd be building their own treehouse and then build forts every night, always using their head to make pretend. They've lived their life being each other's best friend and sister. As youngin's, elementary school was they place where'd they stick up for each other when a kid was picking on one of the sisters. And their reputation grew to be "Don't mess with one of the twins, unless you want to get pummeled by both." They were always at least 3 minutes late, and got away with it because of their sunny personalities. The teachers loved them. They weren't the most popular, though, for their class was full of not-so-great kids. The kids who played "the game" were the popular ones. They owned up gym class, though, especially with dodgeball. You couldn't hardly beat them in dodgeball. Kindergarten through fifth grade was more of an endure than an education.

Middle School:
Where they toughened up, and saw good from bad. The two really dislike their class (more specifically the girls' side), when it's full of princesses and drama queens and best-friend-one-day-and-not-the-next. It was all about who hosted the best parties, who had the best clothes and makeup and the most money. These two weren't materialistic. They preferred the outdoors, or sports as a getaway. Entertaining themselves wasn't a huge issue. This is where Kevin learned her love for art. This is when the infection began as well. (At least I'm pretty sure)

Now: The story above was from when the first hit high school.

I ( *Noxivaga )drew Kevin.

Group || :iconthe-8th-zone:
Art: © *Noxivaga
Template © #The-8th-Zone

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